Full Stack Serverless WordPress

Cheaper than shared hosting, more modern than VPS.

How to deploy WordPress today?

Serverless Function

Deploying WordPress on Serverless Function offers significant cost advantages for low-traffic applications (with daily requests of around 1 million or less).

Serverless Database

TiDB Cloud offers a Serverless version of MySQL product, billed on a per-request basis, and provides monthly free quotas.

Serverless Cache

Scaling down to zero, using a billed serverless cache to alleviate pricing pressure on the serverless database, and enhancing query performance.

Why Serverless WordPress?

Cost-effective for low-traffic websites

Handling 10,000 requests daily, serverless computing costs just $0.72 monthly. TiDB Cloud and PolyScale offer free quotas, making them cost-effective for low-traffic websites.

Pay for what you use

Full stack serverless allows you to purchase database, caching, storage and computation on a flexible ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis, meaning that you only have to pay for the resources you use.

No need to worry about server migration

If your website experiences a significant increase in traffic, you don’t need to migrate it to a more powerful server. WordPress deployed with a Serverless architecture will automatically scale your database and compute units.

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A cost-optimized, modern WordPress deployment solution.

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